the Virtual Mixer Project
Lets try videomixing in javascript v0.0.1

This is the VirtualMixer, you can tune into different generated live mixes. Just put them on in your browser and, chill, enjoy the remix.

Or you can fool around yourself with some virtual Mixers like this Edirol 4V . Ow, and its always better with music!

You may also dive deeper and go to Github Repository and fork the code. An attempt was made and Documentation was set up. You'll find a lot of GLSL graziness going around in there. You can see it al wired up on Codepen Which should get you started

In the demo section you will see additional tools for live performance on the web and anywhere, there is Audio- and Beat-analysis and Webcam going already, a Clicktrack, Gamepad-input, Midi-input and lots of weird effects.

But first, Enjoy this page for a while ! notice how the background visuals change when you select the rectangles

Github Repository | Youtube | Documentation
Thinking machines for nineties brains
Of course I needed to play with generative visual AIs too, but then, I chased those pixels through the analog processors of an MX-50 Video mixer. It glitched and I taped that too. The results I put in this mixer.

Go check that shit out !
Yeah I know, its tiring not getting exactly the music you'd like You don't want that pesky EDM waking up the neighbours. You are more an Ed Sheeridan kind of type *shudder* -- well, have it your way then, and be ready with an Ed Sheeridan mp3 file. go and upload it, see if I care.

Go upload some music >
INTRODUCING: our first full Surface Controller
Lets you use your browser like VJ software on multiple networked machines. yes yes.
Lets play with our very first 'surface'-mixer. A client-window controlled by a mobile-intended 'control surface'. On your phone. Ow don't worry, we have it all explained in this video.
It's how you VJ from your phone, while sipping your Bacardi and Coke.

So here is the link to the CLIENT (this is the output)

And here is the link to the REMOTE <-- open this in another browser or on your phone!

VMP on Youtube

Go check out our new Youtube Channel

It's where you go if you want to see how to play the midi-piano or Gamepad.
What it's like to mix

the entire Matrix movie or a classic Ballet.
We've also included some tutorials and demo releases.


The Same Space
by Peter Leung
‘The Same Space’ is an interactive dance film research project created by Peter Leung. With this project he explores choices of the performers and the audience The creation process with the dancers of Dutch National Ballet took place during 20 hours of studio time

view the ballet >
NOTV Videomixes by early '00 Amsterdam Veejays
THE ONLY VJ-DVD label in amsterdam produced two dvds in the early zeroes with Amsterdams most critical acclaimed Visual Mix Artists.

Runs with automatic beat detection and plays deepdanceradio.

go experience it!! >>

NOTICE: There will be loud music!

EDIROL V4 a simulation of the legendary v4 video mixer
soyouwannabeavj? simulation. that is right, this gadget here (kind of) works as a v4 in your browser. no plugin required and should even run on mobile phones. Needs hardware acceleration
go play with it now >>

NOTICE: put on some house music for more fun! videoreels 2010-2018
Best of the entryreels, graduation reels and bootcamp videos from class of 2010 up to 2018
Check out one of the best way to become a Visual Mix Artist (VMA);

Sound on, sit back; turn on, tune in. >>

-- -- NOTICE: There will be loud music!

OCCUPY CHAOS a remixed look at the 2011 movement
a 2011 remix of the movement and mixed with a thought provoking set on chaos and order.

WE ARE THE 99%... click here !! >>

NOTICE: There will be loud music!

the DEMOS weird demos and experiments with video
WEIRD inputs, MIDI, Gamepads. Webcam, clicktrack More effects and remote control (?) sequencer? then push the envelope some more
Explore how deep this rabbit hole goes !!
AWESOME weird video HARVEST from 2016 onwared.
The Awesome videos I found in the dephts of the interwubs, from 2016 onwared. -- found footage -- COLLECTED reels found footage, internet weirdness. Strange, Eighties, Programmer brains and what was called recycling together in the mix.

go experience it!! >>

This is actually the best mix on here, you lucky bastard

-- NOTICE: There will be loud music!

ZiEK -- Zombies and Monochrome Horror <<<
His twitter account twitter @A_Agrasot and check him at his label at ziek records ZiEK records is a label that focuses on bass music and art.

go experience it!! >>
YOUR CONTENT HERE join in and load up now
CONTENT WANTED, There is always room for MORE content to REMIX in our mixers, so don't be shy and load it up now!

reach out at Sense Studios
or through twitter ; @xangadix or @sensestudios